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Sleep . . . or not.

 Tired this morning after a difficult waking up period. Woke initially and couldn't work out if it was after the alarm had gone off or not. It turned out to be about 02:00 or 02:15 I think. Had a headache...and still do. I slept in only short bursts after that - kept waking up thinking my alarm was about to go off or had just had gone off.  Such a change from recent days when I've slept solidly from the time my head hit the pillow until my alarm woke me from the middle of a vivid dream 5 hours later. 

Maybe I'm disturbed by the book I'm reading at the moment. It's about a high-powered university academic who gets early onset Altzheimer's disease. Of course the consequences are widespread in her life and devastating in effect. I'm up to a part where she has to quit her job and she feels a huge loss of identity as a result. She can't take up any other activity instead because of her intermittent but crippling loss of brain function. She can't even keep running because she gets lost a block away from her home. Also she can't sleep...or at least can't sleep at normal sleep times. She can see that people feel uncomfortable around her and try to avoid her. Hmmm....

Not such a good day

Ugg...I am getting morning headaches which are getting worse, I think. Took Ibuprofen+Codeine this morning.
Run was OK except right hamstring is niggling.

Runstoppable database is not allowing updates for the 2nd day in a row.

PearCam showed no action and the pear was not eaten further.

It's still wet and windy.

Hmmm....not such a good day

The pain continues. . .

Who ever said that the good thing about hitting your head against a brick wall was that it felt good when you stopped? Well, I'm here to tell you: It doesn't feel good at all!

The result of yesterday's impact with a concrete path is:
  • Today my head hurts like hell, despite regular ibuprofen+codeine. I have ZERO chance of running; the impact of each step is like another blow to the head. And even chewing is very painful - I might have to visit the baby food aisle in the supermarket this week.
  • And my neck is also sore (I think this is "delayed onset muscle soreness" - DOMS.  I had it after the last fall too - caused by the neck muscles being suddenly strongly activated to try to stop or slow down the head movement  forward towards the ground. In my experience DOMS reaches its peak of soreness on ~day 3 after the event. Having a predictable course is reassuring!)
  • and I'm really tired (now idea why). So much so that I found it extremely hard to keep my eyes open during my 2-hour walk to work, and when I arrived at work, I lay down and slept for an hour.
  • for some weird reason (possibly anticipation of pain??) when I got up first thing this morning I broke out in a sweat (room temperature is about 12 degrees). I had to take my temperature to convince myself I didn't have a fever.
  • decreased appetite. Could also be related to the pain that comes with chewing.
The good news is that the cut on the forehead has stopped weeping and looks 'clean'. Maybe the Betadine I applied (now being followed up with Bepanthen First Aid) is helping.
Also, it's a beautiful sunny day :-)

[enjoying a sunny day]