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The book I am currently reading is The Next Big Thing, by Anita Brookner. It's wonderful, despite what the critics may have said. The best book I've read for a long time. As usual, what "wonderful" means in this context is that it speaks to me about my life. It's about an old man's reflection on his current and earlier life, and to me it is reminiscent of Camus's The Outsider, (he said, after having last read The Outsider about 30 years ago!).
At the point I'm up to at the moment, the man has just done something he regrets profoundly.
"He had made a significant error which could only attract contempt....He saw himself arraigned before some sort of moral tribunal...His blameless record would count for nothing, his activities dismissed as worthless. He did indeed consider them to be worthless."
After just having issued yet another apology for one of my stupid mistakes at work, I can feel his emotions. Moreover, much of his description of his childhood behaviour could equally be a description of mine. It's so true to (my) life that I feel I should buy a copy so I can read it over & over [my current copy comes from the Stanton Library].

Yes, I accept that most people are different from this man, and would not be interested in such a person if they encountered him in their lives.

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A dialog with my boss went along these lines:

Me: You've been really busy this week. I've spent a large part of my time just reading and filing the CCs of all the emails you sent!

Her: Yes, but I'm consoled by the thought that this is the last year I'll have to do this. From next year it will be handed over to you.

Me: Hmmm.. I've been thinking about that. This time is really busy for me and I'm behind in getting the new contracts prepared. I'm not at all confident I can handle the load. I think we'll have to put two people onto these tasks.

Her: No we won't. You will do it all. I did it all myself in years gone by. You'll manage.

Me: Well you must be better than I am.

Her: It was harder in the past too, I had to do all the contracts by hand - on paper copies. You should be able to do it by yourself too.

Thanks for the help and support, boss.