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[self & Cityrail sign]

A sign like this is for me like red rag to a bull. Here I am asserting that Cityrail and its contractors can't tell me what to do. I am waiting, in deliberate contradiction of their order. How's that for an act of subversion! :-)

So this is what old age does to the 1960s anti-vietnam-war protester. Well, I didn't even do that properly. I was involved in some preparatory work for a Moratorium march, but then didn't go the the march.

I went to the start of an all-night vigil against apartheid, but couldn't contact my parents to say that I was going to stay the whole night, so I didn't.

I had a peace emblem thing, but wore it inside my shirt to avoid recriminations from the school principal.

Does the word "pissweak" come to mind?

nocturnal intruders

[my pear, nibbled]

Those American strawberries I previously wrote about have now disappeared from the local markets near my office, so I'm now eating an Australian winter icon, the Packham pear. They take a few days to ripen so I leave them on a table in my office. However, much to my annoyance, just about every night some creature nibbles a small hole in the side of one of them. It doesn't seem to matter if they're soft and nearly ripe or still quite firm, and even though I had 5 pears and 6 kiwifruit left out last night there was only one hole in one pear. This has happened several times now, and I've decided I've had enough! I don't know what the creature is. I work just near a market and the Chinatown restaurant area, so there are literally rats underfoot at night. But this nibbling seems a little too small and delicate for a rat. Maybe just a smaller mouse? I have thought of setting a trap, but the thought of breaking the neck of any living animal is rather repugnant to me, so I'd rather avoid it if a feasible alternative can be found. The barrier approach seems the obvious one. I'll call in at Woolworths on my pre-breakfast walk today and see what they have to offer.

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A dialog with my boss went along these lines:

Me: You've been really busy this week. I've spent a large part of my time just reading and filing the CCs of all the emails you sent!

Her: Yes, but I'm consoled by the thought that this is the last year I'll have to do this. From next year it will be handed over to you.

Me: Hmmm.. I've been thinking about that. This time is really busy for me and I'm behind in getting the new contracts prepared. I'm not at all confident I can handle the load. I think we'll have to put two people onto these tasks.

Her: No we won't. You will do it all. I did it all myself in years gone by. You'll manage.

Me: Well you must be better than I am.

Her: It was harder in the past too, I had to do all the contracts by hand - on paper copies. You should be able to do it by yourself too.

Thanks for the help and support, boss.