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Birds cause back pain

After months of not running due to joint problems caused by rheumatoid arthritis, prednisone has allowed me to start running again, much to my great joy. After only about a week of running, however, I have developed back pain (again). It came on right at the end of Monday's run and is now quite convincingly behaving as in previous episodes that I have self-diagnosed as low thoracic osteoporotic fractures.

This setback must be partly caused by my failure to achieve my goal of maintaining my body mass above 60 kg (currently 57.5 kg). I wonder if the critical trigger of this episode, however, was the heavy lifting I did in constructing a bird feeder on Sunday and Monday? The branch which supports the feeder tray was hard work to cut down and very heavy to carry and lift into position.

Sulphur crested cockatoos eat while crimson rosellas wait for their turn on the bird feeder.

I am just hoping that it isn't running per se which has caused this problem.

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