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24 August 2017 @ 02:39 pm
Going the whole distance  
I saw my GP, Dr M, yesterday - for a new annual referral to my cancer doctor and a renewal of the prescription for the drug I hope will prevent a heart attack. As I was leaving, I mentioned that my knees had become quite painful recently, "Osteoarthritis I suppose". Dr M said that if it is osteoarthritis, I need to try to maintain strength, mobility and activity as long as possible, because prosthetic knee joints will only last about 15 years.

That was an optimistic statement from one perspective. The suggestion is that my cancer and heart disease might hold off long enough for me to wear out a pair of prosthetic knees.

Later that day my knees were very sore, to the point where I felt a little reluctant to walk the dog that evening. I did take him out for his usual walk, however, and when I got home I examined my offending knees. It turned out that each knee had a particular palpable tender spot, and there was a remarkable similarity between left and right. The sore spot was right on the tibio-femoral joint line.

[my painful knees]

Maybe the pain is coming from the medial meniscus or medial collateral ligament? I wondered whether Bruce (the dog) is the cause of this problem. This knee pain has only become significant in the past few weeks since I have begun walking with him. And he does tend to force me to twist my knee as I follow his random meanderings and his strong pull.

So with this causation theory in mind, and Dr M's warnings ringing in my ears, I dosed myself with lots of paracetamol and decided to make the most of this morning's dog-free trip to work. For the first time in nearly a year, I ran the whole 10 km to work. Straight lines, no twisting. It felt OK.

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