May 12th, 2019


Goal achieved!

I made it.

At the start of 2019 I took a leaf out of my daughter's book and set myself some goals.

One of these was to increase my body weight until I reached a mass of 60 kg, and then to stay between 60 and 62 kg. I initially aimed for achieving this goal by 01 April, then when I failed to reach that milestone I re-set the date to 01 May. It's now 12 May, and as you can see on the pink graph below, I have now finally reached that 60 kg goal. Yay me!

The blue graph, the distance I've run each week, tells the sad reason behind reaching the 60 kg goal. I strained a hip muscle during my run to to work last Monday, so I haven't run since then, but have kept eating as normal.

I have a few other goals, all related to running, but none of which seem likely to be achieved any time soon. Maybe I was too optimistic.

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