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01 February 2017 @ 03:27 pm
Three options  
I have travelled further down the road to recovery.

three drinks

I now have a choice of three drinks. Bottom: decaf, Top: full caffeine, Right: Sugar-free Chocolate

After my surgery I was advised by the Australian Cancer Council to not drink coffee. The only hot drink I consumed was Avalanche sugar-free hot chocolate. It turned out that their advice was not based on scientific data, so I have decided to ignore it.

I started trying decaffeinated coffee: TCR99 Decaffeinated Organic. Not bad for a decaf, and no adverse effects were apparent.

I wanted, however, to return to normality as much as possible.

Today I've had my first cup of full caffeine (Campos) coffee since 02 December 2016.

Mmmmm....good. Good to feel more normal, I thought, as I read my book about a Sydney woman who discovers she has stage 4 cancer. I don't know yet how her story will end up, or mine, but I'm going along for the ride and I'm determined to enjoy it as much as possible.

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