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11 December 2016 @ 12:42 pm
Alive, but not a great life  
Yes, I survived radical robotic prostatectomy.

Life without a cancerous prostate is not great, however. We all know about this issue - the side effects of the surgery (impotence, incontinence) are not good, and lots of men have prostate cancer which never kills them, so the benefits of prostatectomy are not clear-cut.

Well, I definitely wanted this procedure and I'm glad that I had it. My cancer is a rather 'punchy' type, and probably would have killed be without surgery. Now, my surgeon tells me, I have only about a 10% chance that my prostate cancer will re-emerge to kill me in the next ten years.

In the mean time,

  • I am wearing a wad of Kimberly-Clark product between my legs to catch my urine and I wake every 2 hours at night to empty my bladder, to attempt to avoid wetting the bed

  • I am not allowed "bladder-irritant" drinks: coffee, tea, alcohol, carbonated drinks

So I have thrown out these packs of coffee beans without even getting to try them. I was particularly looking forward to the Indonesian one.

Two packets of coffee beans thrown out

I carry incontinence pads with me and have them located in lots of places at home and at work  . . .  just in case.

I have taken a few more steps down the slippery slope of old age dependency and life style restriction. Maybe incontinence will improve (most do improve over a couple of years) - or maybe not. In any case, I expect my coffee enjoyment days are over.

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